Brayden and Jeremy sitting by a low fire
at Julian Price Campground, June 2022

We are the people behind BIKEWAGN. We are the adventurers just trying to enjoy the fleeting time we have in life. My name is Jeremy, and I’m also referred to as “dad.” My co-pilot is usually Brayden, a 10 year old adventurous and calm soul that enjoys spending time with Dad out on the road, at a campsite, on a bike, in the water, at the movies, on a hike, or really anywhere life will take him. And through him, we’re enjoying a lot of time together on bikes and in our “wagn” (wagon), a 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Edition.

Previously, we’ve written a few blogs about camping (CAMPWITHDAD) and have made some YouTube videos together, but now we’re just enjoying as much time as we can get. While I’m married, and also have a beautiful young daughter, the two most important women of my life often spend their time together either at the barn, at a horse show, or doing girl-stuff. It means that we get a lot of time together to do guy-stuff. Father-and-son bonding is an important part of a young mans development, and having suffered in that area myself growing up, I’m so privileged to be able to spend all of this time with my son.

Thank you for visiting our blog and spending a few minutes with us. My hope is that through this blog, you’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll learn about a new product. Maybe you’ll learn about a new place to visit. Maybe you’ll just learn that you enjoy reading other people’s adventures, and seeing their life through word and picture. Whatever you learn, is our gift to you. Thanks for visiting!