RinseKit: Because sometimes you need to wash your…

Have you ever gone on a primitive camping trip and thought to yourself, “Self, I wish I could just wash my face or hair”? Or maybe you were fishing, and after picking up a particularly slimy fish, you thought it would be nice to wash your hands? Or, maybe you went for a nice long run and you just want to cool off? OR maybe you took the dogs to the beach, and you need to give them water and cool them off? OR… maybe there is another scenario I haven’t thought of where you just wish you could have cleaned up…enter, the RinseKit!

So, in full disclosure, RinseKit was willing to allow Camp With Dad the opportunity to review one of their awesome RinseKit setups and asked that I do something pretty cool after I post my review. More on that, at the end of the post, but for now I want to share my experiences with the RinseKit over the past two months and how I’ve been able to use it to make our life easier and more enjoyable.

I chose to review the medium sized unit, the RinseKit Plus. This unit boasts up to 5 Minutes of pressurized spray and 2 gallons of hot or cold water. It can be filled using a garden hose, spigot, sink, or even just pouring water in and using a pump (available separately, or with the Adventure Bundle). There is even a heater unit that allows you to heat your water for a nice relaxing outdoor camp shower!

RinseKit was awesome enough to send me the Adventure Bundle which came with the pressure booster pump, Hot Rod water heater, and a really neat microfiber towel/seat cover. But even the regular RinseKit will come with a nozzle, 6 foot long hose, hose bib adapter, hot water sink adapter, an on/off valve and quick connect. One neat thing about the lid of the RinseKit plus is that it is removable and can be used as a base to stand on or a cutting board.

My first opportunity to use the RinseKit was on a short solo overnight trip to the NC Mountains. There, the RinseKit came in handy for washing off my utensils at the end of a small meal. Once I was tucked in to bed, a huge storm came out of nowhere and the next day I found everything to have a nice little muddy residue. The RinseKit had just enough capacity to clean everything off before packing, which made my “cleaning” ritual upon return home so much easier.

The next opportunity was with the family at the North Carolina Outer Banks. We had a TON of fun out on the sand at the historic Cape Hatteras National Seashore, but when it was time to head home, it was also time to wash off the kids feet, legs, and well…the kids in general (Thanks honey for burying the kids). For this task, I would have benefitted from the RinseKit Lux which is a 3 gallon version featuring 8 minutes of spray and doubles as a cooler. We ran out of water as soon as it was my turn, but thankfully I wasn’t too sandy.

Being a runner (even slow runners are runners), I tend to pick the worst time to go for a run. This time, the temp was in the mid-to-upper 90’s, and since I’m in North Carolina the Humidity is always high. I figured I’d let my son have some fun cooling me off when I got home, so before I left I made sure to fill up the RinseKit with some nice cold water! The result was amazing and worth the laughs as well.

Construction of the Plus is impressive. It feels very durable; the handle is thick and well constructed and the walls of the unit seem to be rigid as well. The RinseKit bounced all over the back of my truck as we drove through Corolla, the north most part of the NC Outer Banks (if it were not for a fence, you could drive straight into Virginia Beach).

Right now, you can pick up a RinseKit for as little as $89.95 (The Pod) or as much as $294.95 (the Lux, when not on sale). My RinseKit Plus Adventure Bundle would set you back $269.95 currently, which is why it is so amazing of RinseKit to allow me to GIVE ONE AWAY FOR FREE!

That’s right! We will be giving away a RinseKit for free and all you have to do is the following:

  1. Follow @CampWithDad and @RinseKit on Instagram
  2. Like CampWithDad and RinseKit on Facebook
  3. Comment on our Instagram or Facebook Post with how you intend to use the RinseKit, and tag one friend!

That’s it! There is no purchase necessary, you must be located within the continental United States, and be of 18 years of age. Odds of winning are dependent on how many entries there are, and the winner will be selected at random and will have 1 week to claim their prize. If the winner does not claim their prize, a second winner will be chosen. If that winner does not claim their prize within one week, we will retain the prize for a future giveaway.

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