BIKEWAGN does Disney

Vacation. It finally arrived. Most years we spend a week at the Outer Banks, but this year, we spent a few days in Orlando, Florida at Walt Disney World. It was a surprise for the kids, and a surprise to us that we were actually able to keep the surprise!

My in-laws rented a 15 passenger Ford van for us to drive. This was the smallest “large vehicle” I’ve ever ridden in. Really, for as big as these are you should be able to fold seats or remove seats. We had to cram our luggage in, and we were not happy with the ride quality, AT ALL. But, after leaving our home at 6am and stopping for breakfast, lunch, gas, and bathrooms, we rolled under the WDW sign around 4:30 pm on Saturday.

It was a fun trip for sure, and the pics speak for themselves. You can certainly set your watch by the rain in Florida. We’ll be back for sure… even if its just to find that one wicked Tacoma I waived to as I was driving that annoying van.

She doesn’t look happy, because it was hot as heck!
He was entertaining on the Monorail
Riding -something- in Tomorrowland
Campfire and S’Mores with Chip and Dale and watching Disney’s Planes Fire & Rescue
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