Prinsu Cabrack: Initial Impressions

If you own a Toyota Tacoma, you have probably seen, heard of, or drooled over a Prinsu rack for the roof of your truck. The Prinsu isn’t cheap. Coming in the mid to upper $600 dollar range for the standard rack is raised even further by UPS ground shipping. Want the light bar mount or noise reducing trim? Yep, those are extra too. Lucky me though as I had a connection that had a brand new Prinsu rack. $500 later, I saved nearly 50% of what I would have spent.

Three years later when the package finally arrived (it was 2 days, but i’m very impatient with shipping), I ripped the box open and was impressed with the packaging and the quality of what was in the box. Having watched a few videos, I felt prepared to start the install. I started the install with attaching the wind deflector to the silver bar provided by Prinsu. I’m not sure why Prinsu didn’t make this black, but it’s a cheap move in my initial impression. Installing was easy when I decided to go against their tip; instead I went ahead and lightly attached all screws and sliders to the deflector, and then fed the deflector onto the silver cross bar. One tip I saw was to only attach a couple of the crossbars to make the rack lighter for install. Having set up the rack with two crossbars, it was time to mark the black molding, cut and trip to section the pieces in place. You’ll want a sharp knife and good snips to break the metal banding in the molding.

Fast forward a bit and with the help of my wife, the rack was on top of the truck. I used silicone around the bolt holes, placed the spacers, and we lowered the rack on the spacers. Bolts went in easy and quick with the extra clearance afforded by not fully assembling the rack. It was a pretty easy and straightforward install.

I let the truck sit for 24 hours to allow the silicone to dry fully (and because I didn’t need to drive my truck as we have a 4Runner as well). When I took the truck out for it’s first ride, I did notice the roof rack creates a lot of wind noise. I have come to expect this with all of the vehicles I’ve had a roof rack, but the Prinsu is just plain loud. If the Noise Reducing Trim (an extra $15 option) truly helps, it should be included as standard – really a cheap move by Prinsu. I looked online to order the trim, but frankly the UPS Ground shipping (the only option they provide), costs more than the stupid trim. Based on the fact that my awning mounts have already been delayed twice since shipping from Prinsu, I will just wait to order anything else or see if I can find another option to use.

Overall impressions:

  • Design quality is top notch
  • Fit and Finish is great
  • Value for Dollars Spent could GREATLY be improved on

Would I purchase this again? Probably not. In my opinion, Prinsu skimped on two areas they didn’t need to. The silver bar just looks ridiculous, and not including a $15 trim (which in all honesty is likely less than a dollar per application in their world) was just a low blow. Until Prinsu comes up with better and faster shipping options (or more hubs throughout the country to ship from), I just dont see myself supporting this company again. What about you? Feel free to leave a comment below… we’re all adults 🙂

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