The first trip to the Outer Banks

This past weekend was so busy! It started Friday after work. When I got home, I picked Ray up from a neighbors house and we started mounting our CVT Tent to our KBVoodoo bed rack. I realized the bolts I had were a little too short to attach the tent the way I wanted, so we attached it sideways, and left for a quick trip to the hardware store. About $16 in bolts later, we had what we needed to return home.

It took a little while, and a trip to Lowes Home Improvement, but we got the tent loaded and open!

Late that night, I finished installing the roof top tent and went ahead and opened it up to see how ridiculous the Mt. Rainier really is. This thing is a HOTEL, not a tent! The quality of the CVT Tents is amongst the best in the market, and we’ll share more on this tent in a future post. For now, I would pack it back up as we were expecting storms and had a really early start to our Saturday.

The accepted origin of the name Bodie Island is that it stemmed from an original landowner and settler of the area, who was named “Body” or “Boddy.” A more colorful legend is that it was named after the many bodies that washed ashore from centuries of shipwrecks in the Outer Banks’ Graveyard of the Atlantic.

After getting one dog to the boarder, and packing the truck, we went off to my son’s team soccer pictures. At this point, they are 3-1, and in second place in the division. Once the pictures were taken, we were east bound with hound and tent. A couple of hours later, the map turned blue and we stopped at one of the three ORV permit offices at the NC Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Doesn’t that KBVooDoo Rack and Cascadia Vehicle Tent look perfect on the sand?

With our permit paid for ($120 for yearly), we met up with my wife and daughter out on the coast. My wife’s 4Runner is AWD and we’ve never had a problem letting the truck manage the traction controls – it keeps life simple for her. For me, the Tacoma is a traditional 4WD so shift-on-the-fly was all that was needed. All the looks we got as we drove on the sand with the tent and rack were worth the frustration of the night before. But, not everyone can handle the soft OBX sands; we watched one person with a Ford Escape attempt the sand and get stuck merely feet into the beach access (I believe his was FWD).

The rest of the weekend was devoted to Mother’s Day and my wife. There was fishing, and eating, and ice cream, and laughter. I hope this weekend was good to you and yours, and that you were able to make some memories.

Who doesn’t like some Booty Treats? Ray posing by the sign. Kill Devil Hills, NC.
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